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Since 1992 the Middle States Geographer is the official academic journal of the Middle States Division of the Association of American Geographers. The journal is published annually and includes papers from external submissions and the Division Annual Meeting. The Middle States Geographer contains papers authored by both faculty and students (with peer-review by at least two reviewers) and covers a wide range of topics. Prior to 1992 the Division published non-peer review Proceedings. All Journal Volumes are freely available from our website.

Volume 44, 2011

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: Examining the Spatial Distribution of Federal Stimulus Funds – M. Katirai and J.L. Osgood Jr.

The Dynamic Hinterland of New York City: The Transition from Farming to Watershed Protection and Recreation in Delaware County, NY – Claire Jantz

Environmental and Economic Impacts of a Carbon Tax: An Application of the Long Island Markal Model – David Friedman, Yehuda Klein and Guodong Sun.

Football Discipline as a Barometer of Racism in English Sport and Society. 2004-2007 Spatial Dimensions – M.T. Sullivan, J. Strauss and D.S. Friedman

Assessing the Influence of Weather Type and Rural Land Cover on a Small Urban Heat Island – Timothy W. Hawkins and Olivia A. Braun.

Using a Bioblitz to Connect Species Richness and Environmental Characteristics in an Urban Watershed – John Dobosiewicz, Daniela Shebitz and Janet Tuohy

Patterns of Plan Species Richness in the Contiguous United States – Erika Y. Chin

Urban Revitalization and Neighborhood Dynamics in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 2006-2011 – Brandon Duxbury and Claire Jantz

Urban Food Access and the Potential of Community Gardens – Kristen B. Crossney and Emily Shellenberger

“It’s Hard to Balance it”: Cultural Identity Production Among Youth of the South Asian Diaspora in Metropolitan New York and Oslo – Kari B. Jensen.

Using Learning Communities as a Recruitment Strategy for an Undergraduate Geography Program – Wendy Miller, Ibipo Johnston-Anumonwo and Kathleen Lawrence.


Volume 41, 2008

Socioeconomic Conditions on the Pennsylvania Frontier: the Germans and Scots-Irish of Cumberland County, 1765-1775 – Michael Ross and Paul Marr

Champions of GIS: Municipal Implementation and Organizational Diffusion of GIS in Pennsylvania Local Governments – Matthew Convery and Dorothy Ives Dewey

Determining Spatial Correlations between Voting Behavior and Selected Demographic Variables in a Changing Electorate – Justin Klos

“We Should Put Our Bears in the Hands of Experts”:Three Explanatory Cuts at an Uncritical Embrace of Scientific Authority– John Hintz

Evaluation of the Emergency Evacuation Plan for the Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant – Lindsey Conlow

Let Them Have Dominion Over All the Earth: Are Christians Anti-Environmental? – Jason Ridgeway

Political Possibilities of “Place-ing” People onto the Land: Re-imaging Community, Commons, and Nature in Maine’s North Woods – Marguerite Andrews

Habitat Mapping and Remote Sensing for Rare, Endangered, and Sensitive Species in the Hudson Valley, NY – David Jakim and Lawrence McGlinn

Using the Rate of Accumulated Freezing and Thawing Degree Days as a Surrogate for Determining Freezing Depth in a Temperate Forest Soil – Stephen Vermette and Shelia Christopher

Shoreline Behavior along the Atlantic Coast of Delaware – Francis Galgano Jr.

The Potential Influence of Small Dams on Basin Sediment Dynamics and Coastal Erosion in Connecticut – Megan McCusker and Melinda Daniels

Beach Morphology Change Study Using ArcGIS Spatial Analyst – G. Pepe and G. Coutu

ISSN 1067-2230

Volume 40, 2007

Erasure, Non-existence, and the Production of Economic Legibility in Iraq – Richard Nisa

Sourcing the Coverage in the Invasion of Iraq: A Comparison of Domestic and Foreign News – John I. Sharp and J. Ryo Kiyan

Ghosts of the Atacama: The Abandonment of Nitrate Mining in the Tarapacà Region of Chile – Paul Marr

How Government Policies Influence Declining Fertility Rates in Developed Countries – Tari Glowaki and Amy K. Richmond

The Multi-family Myth: Exploring the Fiscal Impacts of Apartments in the Suburbs – Dorothy Ives-Dewey

Urban Form in Spanish American Colonial Cities: Cartagena De Indias, New Granada, in 1777 – Linda Greenow.

Urban Redevelopment, Baseball, and Displacement in Washington, D.C. – James P. Lewandowski and Steve Stover

Urban Gardening in Philadelphia – Ian Dunham

Planned Gentrification and Neighborhood Dynamics in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Claire Jantz and Paul Marr

Of Ruin and Archaism: Kate O’Brien and the Polemics of Place in 1930s Ireland – Charles Travis

Modeling the Hyperreal Dimension with The Gap-Burden Method: Social-Ecological Change in the Laramie Range, Wyoming and the Asymmetry of Time – Neil M. Manspeizer

Quantifying Water Quality Impairments and Developing Management Initiatives for a Priority Stream Segment of the West Branch of the Elizabeth River in New Jersey – John F. Dobosiewicz

Analyzing the Effectiveness of the New Jersey Pinelands Management Plan – Andrew Knee and John Hasse

Assessing the Impact of Flood Inundation in the Devils Lake Area: A Remote Sensing Approach – Brentley W. Moats

The Use of Remotely Sensed Imagery and GIS Analysis for the Automated Detection of Water Infiltration in Residential Structures – Robert E. Roth

Spatial Analysis of Household Water Supply and Demand in a Distributed Geographic Network in the Towns of Amherst and Clarence, New York – Tao Tang and Gregory Keyser

Impacts of Land Use Changes on Runoff Generation in the East Branch of the Brandywine Creek Watershed using a GIS-based Hydrologic Model – Gary Coutu and Carmen Vega

Near Eastern Pollen Diagrams and “Deforestation” – Mark A. Blumler

Types and Causes of Beach Erosion Anomaly Areas in the U.S. East Coast Barrier Island System: Stabilized Tidal Inlets – Francis A. Galgano, Jr.

Three Approaches Along the Rio De La Plata: Landfill, Development, and Monumentalizing the Past – Margaret F. Boorstein

ISSN 1067-2230

Volume 39, 2006

Geographical Aspects of Invasion: The Annual Bromes – Mark A. Blumler

The Effect of Ice Cover on Sediment Transport Capacity and Stream Channel Morphology in a Reach of Cazenovia Creek, NY –  Kelly M. Frothingham

Risk Characterization of Contaminants in Passaic River Sediments, New Jersey – Victor Onwueme and Huan Feng

Looking for the Relationship between Sprawl and Water Quality: A Case Study of Gloucester County, NJ – Donna Moffett and John Hasse

Assessing the Impact of Land Use Changes on Water Quality across Multiple Spatial Scales in Eastern Massachusetts – Jun Tu and Zong-Guo Xia

Monitoring Coastal Estuary Water Clarity Using Landsat Multispectral Data – Shihyan Lee and Wenge Ni-Meister

Shingle Gully Ice Caves Management Plan: Balancing Recreational Use and Sensitive Ecosystem Protection – Meghan Kirkpatrick

Does Permanent Farmland Preservation Further General Open Space Preservation Goals? A Case Study in Hunterdon County, New Jersey – James R. Myers

Cancer Clusters in the United States Since 1995:Considering the Value of Their Investigation – Lawrence A. McGlinn.

Mexico Comes to Main Street: Mexican Immigration and Urban Revitalization in Poughkeepsie, NY – Jo Margaret Mano and Linda Greenow

The Mediation of a Functional-Aesthetic in New England : New Braintree, Massachusetts and the Identity of Place – Neil M. Manspeizer

Using Burying Grounds to Reconstruct the Early Demographics of Franklin County, Pennsylvania – Paul Marr

Where Did They Vote for Le Pen? Globalization and the National Front – James F. Chastain

Disinterment and the Magically Real – Roger Balm

The Contemporary Landscape in Art – Kevin Peters

Cyberspace through Thick and Thin: Virtual Places and the Locational World – Crista M. Livecchi

ISSN 1067-2230

Volume 37, 2004

Visualizing Water Quality Trends in Chiang Mai Rice Paddies: Possible Link Between Environment and Health Risks – A.M. Krueger, K.N. Irvine, C. Prangkio, K. Chaokasad, K. Sukontason, K.L. Sukontason, and R. Ngern-klun

Utility-Scale Wind Power in the Northeastern United States: A Consideration of Present and Future Locations – Lawrence A. McGlinn

Living Along the Pipeline: Populations at Potential Risk in Urban Texas – Susan M. Macey and Dona Schneider

Working on the Conrad and Merrimack: Thoreau’s Mills – John S. Pipkin

Mapping Legends: Major Andre and Rip Van Winkle – Jo Margaret Mano

Finding Fort Morris – Paul Marr

When Growth was Good: Images of Prosperity in Mid-Twentieth Century America – Linda Greenow

The Political Geography of Gambling in the Midwest – John I. Sharp

The Robot in the Kitchen: The Cultural Politics of Care-Work and the Development of In-Home Assistive Technology – Kate Boyer

Geographical Perspective on Disability: A Socio-Spatial Analysis of the Mentally Disabled Population in Russia – David Gaines

Geography Education: Where is Geography’s Location in our Schools’ Curriculum? – Tammy M. Kaufhold

Pattonsburg is Dead, Long Live Pattonsburg! Sense of Place in the Face of Disaster – Steven M. Schnell and Gregory Haddock

Measuring Accessibility as a Spatial Indicator of Sprawl – John Hasse and Andrea Kornbluh Creating a Model for Geodemographic Representations of Housing Market Activity: A Research Note with Possible Public Policy Implications – Kenneth Steif ISSN 1067-2230

Volume 36, 2003

The Influence of Climate Variations on Visitor Activities in Pennsylvania’s State Parks – Keith G. Henderson

How Geography Graduates Report on their Careers: Some Results from Hunter College – Enid Lotstein Ringer

Hub of the World: U.S. Promotional Map Brochures in the Mid-Twentieth Century – Linda Greenow and Jo Margaret Mano

Muslims in Denmark: Discourse of the Veil – Linda S. Fair

Finnish Commercial Fishermen on Lake Superior: The Rise and Fall of an Ethnic Fishery – Mika Roinila

Micro-Credit as a Development Instrument in Ethiopia – Hewan Girma

Recreation Activity Space: University Students in Northeast Pennsylvania – Jason Kucsan and Jerry T. Mitchell

The Geography of Warehousing and Distribution in South-Central Pennsylvania – Paul Marr

Perceptions Towards Urban Inequality in Selected Counties of Northern New Jersey – Pin-Shuo Liu and Monica Nyamwange

“Operation Atlas”: A Case in the Growing Fusion Between National Security and Local Law Enforcement – R. Valeria Treves

International Perspectives on Community Youth Planning: A Research Agenda for Comparing Somerset County, New Jersey and Somerset County, England – Sean M. DiGiovanna and Michael Leyshon

Non-Conforming Urban Realities: The Case of Albany – Vatsal Bhatt

Combining Supervised Classification and Airphoto Interpretation of High Spatial Resolution Satellite Imagery for Land Use Analysis – Tao Tang

Use of Texture for the Retrieval of Industrial Complexes in a Digital Image Database – Mary F. Perrelli

Mereotopological Integrity Constraints for Spatial Databases – Alexandre Sorokine

Crossing Disciplinary Boundaries: Comparing 19th Century Water-Borne Disease to Contemporary Environmental Policy – Lawrence A. McGlinn

The Latest FAD in New York City’s Drinking Water Supply – E. Mark Pires

Characterizing the Land Use/Land Cover Conditions of Two New Jersey Watersheds – John Hasse, Jennifer Misner, and John Reiser

Landscape Influences on White-Tailed Deer Harvest in New Jersey – C.R. Colvard, D. Drake, and R.G. Lathrop

Physiography and Insect Fauna of Scoby Dam Cave: Western New York – S.J. Vermette, W.K. Gail, T.J. Fay

The Influence of Climate Variations on Visitor Activities in Pennsylvania’s State Parks – Keith G. Henderson

New Theories to Explain Acid Precipitation in Northern New Jersey – Belkys V. Melendez

ISSN 1067-2230

Volume 35, 2002

Getting Watershed Management to Work: A Framework for Understanding Interorganizational Relationships – Tenley Conway

Transitory Trouble: Inter- and Intra-State Hazardous Materials Flow in South Carolina – Jerry T. Mitchell, Arleen A. Hill, Melanie Baker, Steven Jones, and Susan Cutter

Investigating the Water Quality Impacts of Future Land-Use and Climate Changes in the Little Miami River Watershed – Amy J. Liu, Susanna T.Y. Tong, and James A. Goodrich

Evidence of Urban Source Metal Contaminants in NY/NJ Harbor – Huan Feng

Turbidity, Suspended Solids, and Bacteria Relationships in the Buffalo River Watershed – K.N. Irvine, E.L. Somogye, and G.W. Pettibone

Objective Identification of Pools and Riffles in a Human-Modified Stream System – Kelly M. Frothingham and Natalie Brown

Influence of Peace Bridge Traffic on Downwind Airborne Particles – Tracy Widmer and Stephen Vermette

Field Studies in Geography and Environmental Science as a Vehicle for Teaching Science and Mathematics Skills – Randall W. FitzGerald

Analysis of Hardwood Manufacturers Location Decisions: Northern and Central Appalachian States, 1989-1999 – John E. Bodenman

Back to the Future: Combining Tradition, Technology and Global Markets for Forest Conservation in New Guinea – William H. Thomas

Foundlings, Asylums, Almshouses and Orphanages: Early Roots of Child Protection – Dona Schneider and Susan M. Macey

Shippensburg and the Development of Overland Transportation in the Cumberland Valley, Pennsylvania in the 1700s – Paul Marr

Beyond Chinatown: Dual Immigration and the Chinese Population of Metropoloitan New York City, 2000 – Lawrence A. McGlinn

Geographic Perspectives of a National Park and a Provincial Park on the Gaspe Peninsula – Margaret A. Boorstein

The Art of the Expedition: Thomas Moran and the Devil’s Landscape of Yellowstone – Roger Balm

ISSN 1067-2230


Volume 31, 1998

Spatial Variability in Stability Thresholds, Verde River, Arizona – Patricia J. Beyer

Field Testing of Rock Hardness and its Relationship to Limestone Dissolution in Guilin, Southern China – Tao Tang

A Search for Economic Alternatives: Hops in Franklin County, New York During the Nineteenth Century – Thomas A. Rumney

The Farmer Takes a Wife, the Wife Takes the Farm – Barbara S. Hildebrant

Farming under a Regime of Harder Work: Ecological Maintenance and Degradation in the Ormanysag, SW Hungary – Salvatore Engel-Di Mauro

Tourism Issues in Belize – James Wiley

Exclusionary Discourse in New York City and Cape Town, South Africa – Grant Saff

City Policy and Urban Renewal: A Case Study of Fort Greene, Brooklyn – Winifred Curran

Foreign Direct Investment in Poland: Sub-National Distribution and Location Factors, 1989-1997 – Joel I. Deichmann

The Intermetropolitan Location and Growth of the Institutional Investment Advisory Industry in the United States, 1983-1996 – John E. Bodenman

Economics of Scale and International Exports of SIC 35 from US Metropolitan Areas – James P. Lewandowski

From Capital of the New-World to New World-Capital: Pre-1930s Globalism in New York City – Jason Hackworth

The Problematic Nature of Neighborhoods as Urban Social Spaces– Jonathan Gibs

The Challenge of Maintaining Parity for Offshore Islands –  Ian Watson

Effects of Technological Change on Seafarers in U.S. Merchant Shipping – James M. Kendra

Arab Net: An Evolving Window on the Arabic World – Jennifer A. Paluch

Volume 30, 1997

Industria, the Fourth World, and the Question of Territory –William T.L. Hipwell

GIS and Society: Towards a Behavioral GIS – Jay D. Gatrell

An Approach to the Quantification and Classification of Aquatic Landscapes – Laura Kracker.

An Erosional History of Strawberry Island, Niagara River, Tonawanda, New York – Maryellen Sault, Lisa Matthies, John Whitney, and Jill Singer.

A Spatial Analysis of Storm Caused Water Levels in an Urban Estuary, Raritan Bay, New Jersey: Some Preliminary Observations– John F. Dobosiewicz.

Philadelphia’s Wissahickon Valley: Its Geology and Geography – Colleen Gasiorowski.

Contingent Value Measurement of Coastal Wetlands: A Case Study of New Jersey – Harbans Singh.

Benefit-Cost Analysis of Harbor Dredging on the Great Lakes – Raymond W. Waxmonsky.

Great Lakes Shipping-Pricing Behavior of the Modes – Chrisman A. Dager.

Local Entrepreneurs Contributions to the Economic Base: Hardwood Processors in the Northern and Central Appalachian Region – John E. Bodenman, Stephen M. Smith, and Kathlene Myers.

Regional Labor Force Characteristics and Recent Shifts in the Location of Industry – Mark Wiljanen.

A Geographic Analysis of Secondary Educational Distance Education Networks in Central New York State – Wayne C. Mellor.

Risk and Foreign Direct Investment in Emerging Economies: Lessons from the Former Soviet Union – James P. Lewandowski

Outcomes of Microcredit Programs: Sustainability, Social Development, Economic Development, and Food Security – Beth Anslinger.

Mapping the County: Burr’s New York State Atlas – Jo Margaret Mano.

The Two-Flat Home in Buffalo, NY: Landscapes of the Industrial Vernacular – Gregory P. Stein.

Volume 29, 1996

Reapers of Land: Keepers of Culture – Beth Rundstrom.

The Social Correlates to Fear of Violence: A Referendum on Gun Control in Maryland – Robert J. Earickson.

The Relationship between Municipal Bond Ratings and the Quality of Life in American Cities, 1970-1990 – John E. Bodenman.

Diversity Profile of New York City, 1990 – Brian Shumon.

The “Dotbuster” Attacks: Hate Crime Against Asian Indians in Jersey City, New Jersey – Elizabeth Gutierrez.

Dominica at the Crossroads: Tourism within Diversification in the Eastern Caribbean – James Wiley.

Sources of U.S. Regions’ Manufactures Export Performance – James P. Lewandowski.

Apples and Oranges? A Cross-National Comparison of Privatization in Argentina and Germany – Edward L. Jackiewicz and Jeffrey S. Boggs.

The Post-Fordist Politics of Sustainability on Long Island – Scott Carlin.

Balls, Bikes, Beaches, and Burns: Patterns of Childhood Injury – Dona Schneider.

An Historical Sketch of Industry Along the Buffalo River, New York with a Focus on Chemical Manufacturers – Mary C. Rossi.

Application of the National Sanitation Foundation Water Quality Index in the Cazenovia Creek, NY, Pilot Watershed Management Project – Martin Wills and Kim N. Irvine.

Methodology and Application of a Statistical Approach to the Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE): Welland River Case Study – Shannon L. Vickers, Kim N. Irvine, and Ian G. Droppo.

Starting Points for Examining Storm Surge Sedimentation in Urbanized Estuaries – Michael Craghan.

Simulating the Influence of Great Plains Snow Cover on the Thermal Characteristics of a Cold Air Mall – Andrew W. Ellis.

The Use of Satellite Derived Meteorological Data in Water Budget Analyses – Michael J. Brewer and Jay W. Hodny.

Deer Browse in the Interior Forest of Warwick County Park – Jacquelyn Arnold and Joan M. Welch.

Volume 27, 1994

Spatial Analysis of Suspended Sediment Concentrations, Buffalo River Watershed, NY – K.M. Monahan, S. Fisher and K.N. Irvine

Change at a Shoreline Submarine Sand Ridge – Michael Craghan

The Association between the Pacific/North American Teleconnection Patterns and Air Masses in the Southeastern United States – H. Ye and D.J. Leathers

The Quantification of Atmospheric Particulate Dry Deposition and Atmospheric Copper to the Buffalo River Area of Concern – D.M. Torok, M.A. Morales, S.J. Vermette and K.N. Irvine

Integrating AVHRR Derived NDVI with Ecological Modeling – Jian Chen

Exotic Invasive Vines in Fairmount Park. (Undergraduate Award Paper) – Pamela Brownstein, Colleen Gasiorowski, Robert Lucente, Christopher Myers and Hiromi Seino

Protecting the New Jersey Pine Barrens: From Whom and For Whom? – Marla Emery

A Comparison of Wages and Occupation Mix for New York City and Its Commuting Region. (Graduate Award Paper) – Phyllis A. Petersen

Reinventing a Regional Economy: The Mid-Hudson Valley and the Downsizing of IBM – Peter Fairweather and George A. Schnell

Globalization and American Manufacturing – E. Willard Miller

Export Performance and Regional Specialization: Trade-Theoretic Tests of the Divergence Principle – James P. Lewandowski

The Impacts of Industrial Paternalism: A Study of the National Cash Register Company – Jay P. Wilkinson

Towards a Common Ground: Free-Traders, Environmentalists and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NFTA) – Lisa M. Benton

Dollar Zone Fallout of the EU’s Single Market in Bananas: The Case of Costa Rica – James Wiley

Economic Growth Pole or Mirage. The Case of Eurodisney – Anne-Marie d’Hauteserre

Fortress Philadelphia: The Geography of Video Surveillance in the New CBD – Roman Cybriwsky

Defining Rural and Urban – Trudy Suchan

Choice Set Definition in Shopping Destination Choice Models: Some Sensitivity Analysis Results – Pasquale Pellegrini

Transformation of Middle Class Suburbs in Washington, DC 1950-1990 – Stephen Mulherin

Walk-Up Apartments in an Urban Landscape: Brighton, NY 1933-1991 – Peter A. Brincka

Chinese Foreign Policy: Sino-Liuqiu (Ryukyu) Relations and the “World Order” – Unryu Suganuma

Post-Secondary Aspirations in Upstate New York, 1944-1994: Time Gender and Educational Attainment – Kelly J. Brown

Native Americans in Film: An Image Created, and Image Remembered – Michelle Calvarese

Territoriality in Indigenous Societies: An Alternative View – David Stea

White Eyes, Black Places: Representation and Racism – Owen Dwyer

Human Action and Land Degradation in Africa – Monica Nyamwange

Rural Female Migrants in Africa – Dai Cui

Spatial Statistical Modeling of Explicit and Implicit Determinants of Regional Fertility Rates: A Case Study of the He-Nan Province, China – H. Michael Feng

Open Space: An Infrastructural Resource for Quality of Life – Scott A. Todd

Terrace Condition and Agricultural Change in the Island of Mediterranean Region. (Graduate Award Paper) – Roger Balm

The Environment, Borders and Politics: The Significance of Central Europe’ Gabcikovo-Nagymaros Hydroelectric Project Before and After 1989 – Rhodri C. Williams

Disaster: The Unnatural Factor – Kerrie Fanton

Living with the Volcano – Darrell A. Norris

Volume 26, 1993

Classification of Upper Level Circulation Patterns in the Polar Region and Their Relationship to Surface Air Temperature – Hengchun Ye, Daniel J. Leathers, and Laurence S. Kalkstein

Laboratory Scale Investigations in Artificial Armoring as a Remediation Measure for Contaminated Riverbed Sediment – Dennis M. Torok, K.N. Irvine, and J.K. Singer

Environmental Siege and Sustainability Lessons from the Maltese Islands – Roger Balm

Preparedness for Redevelopment: An Inventory of Infrastructure in the Mid-Hudson Region – George A. Schnell and Peter Fairweather

Class and Place in the New World Order: International Labor Solidarity – Rebecca A. Johns

Historic Water and Waterfront Use in the Buffalo, New York, River Watershed – Gregory P. Stein

The Iroquois and New York State: Two Centuries of Broken Treaties and Map Lies – Jo Margaret Mano

Health Care Objectives for Children and Adolescents: Differences in Urban, Suburban and Rural Practices – Dona Schneider

Demographic and Spatial Aspects of the Health Care Delivery System in Malawi – Ezekiel Kalipeni

The Availability of Ambulance Services in Madison County, NY – Peter Klepeis

Thoughts by the Way: Women’s Written Perceptions of the American Frontier Landscape – Kimi Eisele

Sexism in Tokyo’s New Public Art: Preliminary Results from Field Research – Aoi Shimizu

Contemporary Asian Cultural Landscapes: A Comparative Perspective – Darrell A. Norris

Defining Poor Neighborhoods: Research Strategies and Our Understanding of Urban Places – Sue A. Remaley

A Tale of Two Towns: Paoli and Merion, Pennsylvania – Steve S. Aichele

Lower Northwestern Philadelphia: An Historical Retrospective – Kang-Hu Hsu

Tokyo Moves Westward: A Geography of New Landmarks and New Symbols of the City – Roman Cybriwsky

A Tale of Two ‘Little Saigons’: Southeast Asian Economic Development in Chicago and Philadelphia – Mark Pfeifer

Volume 25, 1992

A GIS for New Jersey State Plan Growth Scenario Analysis – Garret C. Olin

A Potential Application of GIS to the Sardar Sarovar Dam Project – Rupal Oza

An Application of GIS to Study Migration – Robert N. Martin

Direcitional Expansion in Migration Modelling – Timothy C. Pitts

Computerized School Bus Routing – Douglas Hamlin and Andrea Rutherford

Reconstructions of the Southern Oscillation and Pacific Sea Surface Temperature from Dryness/Wetness in China for the Last 500 Years – Jie Song

Snow Melt, Energy Balance, and Prediction: Mormon Mountain – Bruce L. Gwilliam

Swampland or Dryland: The Effect of Climate Change on the Lake Levels of the Etonia Creek Water Basin, Florida – Robert P. Morris, Jr.

An Evaluation of Pollution Concentrations in Philadelphia Using an Automated Synoptic Approach – Shouquan Cheng, Hengchun Ye, and Laurence S. Kalstein

A Review of Existing Toxics Release Data for Years 1987-1990 – Neeti Bathala

Shaky Grounds: Recent Legal Decisions and Wetlands Regulation in New York State – Jo Margaret Mano

The David and Goliath Syndrome: Introducing Big Business into the Small Town – Christine Neibler, Daniel Krist, and Jennifer Passifione

The State, Transitionals, and the Development of the International Tourism in Small Island Nations – Dimitri Ioannides

Changes in the United States Foreign Direct Investment Position Under the Free Trade Agreement in Canada – Valerie L. Hartung

U.S. Commercial Navigation on the Great Lakes: An Overview – Raymond W. Waxmonsky

Factors Affecting the Location and Operation of Hardwood Manufacturers: Northern and Central Appalachian States (Graduate Award Paper) – John E. Bodenman

Rural Population Change and Agriculture in New York State 1950-1990 – George A. Schnell and Peter Fairweather

National Park Siting and Human Geography – Margaret Boorstein

Parent-Child Separation in Space: A Socio-Geographic Perspective– Richard H. Weng

The Cultural and Historical Environment of the Recent Chinese Fertility Decline – H. Michael Feng

Poverty’s Influence on Weather-Related Mortality – Karen E. Smoyer

War and Famine in the Horn of Africa: A Human Impact Assessment – Raphael L. Djabatey

Determinants of Infant Mortality in Malawi: A Spatial Perspective– Ezekiel Kalipeni

Rebuilding the Great White Way: Urban Renewal in New York City– Sean Lewis

Anthropogenic Modification of the Physical Environment Associated with Urban Land Use Conversion – Joshua D. Curley and Roy Lougeay

The City in Decline: Rome in Late Antiquity – Kevin Twine

Volume 24, 1991

Detecting Potato Fields in the Columbia Basin Using Landsat Multispectral Data – Paul R. Baumann

Synoptic Climatological Categorization and Human Mortality in Shanghai, China – Shouquan Cheng

The Frequency and Intensity of January hourly Precipitation by Synoptic Weather Types in Southern Louisiana – Gregory E. Faiers

Criteria in the Student Decision to Move off Campus: A paired Comparison Test of Group-Specific Preferences – Joseph Grippo, Jeff Rose, Jon Runckel, David Sliwa, and Darrell Norris

The Microeconomic Geography of Sportfishing: great Lakes Tributaries, New York, 1984 – Timothy D. McMurtry

Potential Air Quality Consequences of Atmospheric CO2 Induced Global Warming in Philadelphia, PA – Jane Feng Powley and Guanri Tan

The Railroads of Pennsylvania: A Geographic Interpretation – Charles W. Boas

Thinking Ahead: Can the United States Avoid a Shortage of Skilled Workers? – Peter Fairweather and George A. Schnell

Restructuring the Waterfront and the Geographical Practice of the International Longshoremen’s Association (Best Graduate Student Paper) – Andrew Herod

Reality Adjustment: Local Business Response to Market Realities – Kelly Knight and Jo Margaret Mano

The Optimal Location of Emergency Service Telephones in Central Park – David O’Connor

The Urban Aesthetic in Comparative Perspective – Rolf Sternberg

The Aftermath of the Cold War from Short-term Instability to Long-term Equilibrium – Saul B. Cohen

The Pact Molotov-Ribbentrop and Its Consequences – Demetrius Dvoichenko-Marko

Unscrambling the Muddle East: Crisis Influence on mental Maps of the Gulf Theater – Darrel A. Norris

The Application of GIS to Analysis of Historical Shoreline Changes of New York City – Yuri Gorokhovich

The Distance of Migration: Is It Shortened by Financial Constraints? – Mary M Graham

Early Chinese Immigrants and the United States Census – Lawrence A. McGlinn

Understanding Census Geography in the Tiger Data Base: the Case of Puerto Rico – Jonathan Sperling

Women and Ethnicity: Women and Class: Gender issues in the Turn-of-the-Century Shenandoah (Honorable Mention, Undergraduate Paper) – Michele R. Aurand

An Investigation into the Hierarchical processing of Spatial Information – Andrew Curtis

Crime and Media Reporting, Rochester, NY, 1988 (Best Undergraduate Student Paper) – Sheri Kleinhammer

The Application of Linear Programming to Locating Mental Health Outpatient Facilities – Phyllis A. Petersen

The Hispanic Presence in the US: Application of the Five Themes of Geography to Discussions of Stereotypes in the Foreign Language Classroom – Kurt Barnada

Geography, Pedagogy, and Postage Stamps – Samuel A. Farmerie

Children’s Understanding of the Environment from Navigation and Maps – Elizabeth Rider

Volume 23, 1990

Northern New England and New York Forests: Management Options – Paul B. Frederic

Local Responses to Proposed New Land Use Controls in New York’s Adirondack Park – Robert J. Mason

Planning with Place: Sense of Place in Berlin, New Hampshire – Brooks Preston

Continuing Farm Land Abandonment in the Adirondack Fringe – Joseph W. Brownell

The Creation of a Digital Cartographic Database for Locator Maps– Karen A. Mulcahy

Charcoal Supply Near Lubumbashi, Zaire: Techniques of Production, Transportation and Consumption of Charcoal and their Impact on the Environment – Renaud De Plaen

Spatial Analysis and the Use of Census Data – David W. Wong

Planning and Zoning in Southern New York State: Recent Changes and Implications for Planning and Geographic Information Systems in the 1990s – Jo Margaret Mano

Hypsometric Tints and Tectonic Colors: A New Reading of Classroom Wall Maps – Arthur Krim

The Use of Demographic Analysis in Evaluating Regional Labor Markets: The Case of the Mid-Hudson Region – George A. Schnell and Peter Fairweather

The Localization of U.S. House Elections and the 1989 Indiana 4th District Special Election – Jonathan I. Leib

Adaptation in Argentina: Effects of Inflation and Democratization– A. L. Rydant

Perceptions of Environment and Land Policies by Urban Fringe Dwellers – James W. Young

Temporal and Spatial Epidemic Diffusion Patterns in Small Regional Settings – James L. Wilson

Marketing Labor in the World Economy: Migration and Development Theory, Filipino Contract Laborers and the State – Johnathan Walker

Using a Geographic Information System to Analyze the Effects of Sea Level Rise – Gary Ostroff and Susan Tucker

Solid Waste Management in Nassau County, New York: A Study of Spatial Conflict and Political Compliance – Margaret F. Boorstein



Note: Volumes 8 – 10 are listed as Vol. 1-2 on the documents, but reflect that these came out of the 9th and 10th meetings of the NY/NJ Division. Numbering was changed at a later time to make the  volume numbers correspond to the meeting numbers. There were no publications from the division prior to Vol. 9, 1969.
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