Constitution & Bylaws

The Middle States Division of the AAG Executive Board approved a revision of Division bylaws at the fall 2015 annual meeting.  The general membership of the Division approved the revised bylaws at the fall 2016 meeting.  The revised bylaws address several issues that have been discussed in 2016 and are summarized as follows:

  1. Stand Alone Geographer (SAGE) representation was officially included in the bylaws with a three-year term for this position
  2. The Secretary position was changed to a one-year position and the Treasurer title and duties were removed from this position
  3. It was clarified that Treasurer duties lie with the board-appointed Executive Director position, which was changed to a three-year term position
  4. The Vice President position was changed to one that is elected to a three-year term to progress as follows: VP, President, Past President
  5. Past President was added as an official officer with duties
  6. Duties were redistributed among officers to, in particular, take some pressure off the President position so they can focus on the annual meeting

The details of the bylaws revision is included here.

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