Middle States Geographer Volume 39, 2006


Geographical Aspects of Invasion: The Annual Bromes – Mark A. Blumler

The Effect of Ice Cover on Sediment Transport Capacity and Stream Channel Morphology in a Reach of Cazenovia Creek, NY –  Kelly M. Frothingham

Risk Characterization of Contaminants in Passaic River Sediments, New Jersey – Victor Onwueme and Huan Feng

Looking for the Relationship between Sprawl and Water Quality: A Case Study of Gloucester County, NJ – Donna Moffett and John Hasse

Assessing the Impact of Land Use Changes on Water Quality across Multiple Spatial Scales in Eastern Massachusetts – Jun Tu and Zong-Guo Xia

Monitoring Coastal Estuary Water Clarity Using Landsat Multispectral Data – Shihyan Lee and Wenge Ni-Meister

Shingle Gully Ice Caves Management Plan: Balancing Recreational Use and Sensitive Ecosystem Protection – Meghan Kirkpatrick

Does Permanent Farmland Preservation Further General Open Space Preservation Goals? A Case Study in Hunterdon County, New Jersey – James R. Myers

Cancer Clusters in the United States Since 1995:Considering the Value of Their Investigation – Lawrence A. McGlinn.

Mexico Comes to Main Street: Mexican Immigration and Urban Revitalization in Poughkeepsie, NY – Jo Margaret Mano and Linda Greenow

The Mediation of a Functional-Aesthetic in New England : New Braintree, Massachusetts and the Identity of Place – Neil M. Manspeizer

Using Burying Grounds to Reconstruct the Early Demographics of Franklin County, Pennsylvania – Paul Marr

Where Did They Vote for Le Pen? Globalization and the National Front – James F. Chastain

Disinterment and the Magically Real – Roger Balm

The Contemporary Landscape in Art – Kevin Peters

Cyberspace through Thick and Thin: Virtual Places and the Locational World – Crista M. Livecchi

ISSN 1067-2230


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