It was a pleasure meeting many of you in Geneseo in 2017, and seeing so many presentations that highlight the importance of the research our members are doing. Montclair State University will host the 2018 meeting in Montclair, NJ. Montclair State University, founded in 1908, is a leading public university and doctoral research university located near the Great Notch area of Little Falls, a short distance away from sprawling New York City. Montclair’s Earth and Environmental Studies Department offers a Bachelor’s degree in Geography along with minors in Geographic Information Systems and Urban Studies. For graduate students, we offer the university’s flagship trans-­‐ disciplinary Environmental Management Doctoral Program, in addition to offering Bachelors and Masters degree in Sustainability Science and Earth and Environmental Science. The meeting will be held in the state of the art Center for Environmental and Life Sciences building, which was just opened in 2015. Lodging is available at nearby hotels, and transportation to and from campus is available with public transit options in the area. We will provide more information in the upcoming summer newsletter in July, so keep an eye out!

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