Middle States Geographer Volume 27, 1994


Spatial Analysis of Suspended Sediment Concentrations, Buffalo River Watershed, NY – K.M. Monahan, S. Fisher and K.N. Irvine

Change at a Shoreline Submarine Sand Ridge – Michael Craghan

The Association between the Pacific/North American Teleconnection Patterns and Air Masses in the Southeastern United States – H. Ye and D.J. Leathers

The Quantification of Atmospheric Particulate Dry Deposition and Atmospheric Copper to the Buffalo River Area of Concern – D.M. Torok, M.A. Morales, S.J. Vermette and K.N. Irvine

Integrating AVHRR Derived NDVI with Ecological Modeling – Jian Chen

Exotic Invasive Vines in Fairmount Park. (Undergraduate Award Paper) – Pamela Brownstein, Colleen Gasiorowski, Robert Lucente, Christopher Myers and Hiromi Seino

Protecting the New Jersey Pine Barrens: From Whom and For Whom? – Marla Emery

A Comparison of Wages and Occupation Mix for New York City and Its Commuting Region. (Graduate Award Paper) – Phyllis A. Petersen

Reinventing a Regional Economy: The Mid-Hudson Valley and the Downsizing of IBM – Peter Fairweather and George A. Schnell

Globalization and American Manufacturing – E. Willard Miller

Export Performance and Regional Specialization: Trade-Theoretic Tests of the Divergence Principle – James P. Lewandowski

The Impacts of Industrial Paternalism: A Study of the National Cash Register Company – Jay P. Wilkinson

Towards a Common Ground: Free-Traders, Environmentalists and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NFTA) – Lisa M. Benton

Dollar Zone Fallout of the EU’s Single Market in Bananas: The Case of Costa Rica – James Wiley

Economic Growth Pole or Mirage. The Case of Eurodisney – Anne-Marie d’Hauteserre

Fortress Philadelphia: The Geography of Video Surveillance in the New CBD – Roman Cybriwsky

Defining Rural and Urban – Trudy Suchan

Choice Set Definition in Shopping Destination Choice Models: Some Sensitivity Analysis Results – Pasquale Pellegrini

Transformation of Middle Class Suburbs in Washington, DC 1950-1990 – Stephen Mulherin

Walk-Up Apartments in an Urban Landscape: Brighton, NY 1933-1991 – Peter A. Brincka

Chinese Foreign Policy: Sino-Liuqiu (Ryukyu) Relations and the “World Order” – Unryu Suganuma

Post-Secondary Aspirations in Upstate New York, 1944-1994: Time Gender and Educational Attainment – Kelly J. Brown

Native Americans in Film: An Image Created, and Image Remembered – Michelle Calvarese

Territoriality in Indigenous Societies: An Alternative View – David Stea

White Eyes, Black Places: Representation and Racism – Owen Dwyer

Human Action and Land Degradation in Africa – Monica Nyamwange

Rural Female Migrants in Africa – Dai Cui

Spatial Statistical Modeling of Explicit and Implicit Determinants of Regional Fertility Rates: A Case Study of the He-Nan Province, China – H. Michael Feng

Open Space: An Infrastructural Resource for Quality of Life – Scott A. Todd

Terrace Condition and Agricultural Change in the Island of Mediterranean Region. (Graduate Award Paper) – Roger Balm

The Environment, Borders and Politics: The Significance of Central Europe’ Gabcikovo-Nagymaros Hydroelectric Project Before and After 1989 – Rhodri C. Williams

Disaster: The Unnatural Factor – Kerrie Fanton

Living with the Volcano – Darrell A. Norris

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