Middle States Geographer Volume 40, 2007


Erasure, Non-existence, and the Production of Economic Legibility in Iraq – Richard Nisa

Sourcing the Coverage in the Invasion of Iraq: A Comparison of Domestic and Foreign News – John I. Sharp and J. Ryo Kiyan

Ghosts of the Atacama: The Abandonment of Nitrate Mining in the Tarapacà Region of Chile – Paul Marr

How Government Policies Influence Declining Fertility Rates in Developed Countries – Tari Glowaki and Amy K. Richmond

The Multi-family Myth: Exploring the Fiscal Impacts of Apartments in the Suburbs – Dorothy Ives-Dewey

Urban Form in Spanish American Colonial Cities: Cartagena De Indias, New Granada, in 1777 – Linda Greenow.

Urban Redevelopment, Baseball, and Displacement in Washington, D.C. – James P. Lewandowski and Steve Stover

Urban Gardening in Philadelphia – Ian Dunham

Planned Gentrification and Neighborhood Dynamics in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Claire Jantz and Paul Marr

Of Ruin and Archaism: Kate O’Brien and the Polemics of Place in 1930s Ireland – Charles Travis

Modeling the Hyperreal Dimension with The Gap-Burden Method: Social-Ecological Change in the Laramie Range, Wyoming and the Asymmetry of Time – Neil M. Manspeizer

Quantifying Water Quality Impairments and Developing Management Initiatives for a Priority Stream Segment of the West Branch of the Elizabeth River in New Jersey – John F. Dobosiewicz

Analyzing the Effectiveness of the New Jersey Pinelands Management Plan – Andrew Knee and John Hasse

Assessing the Impact of Flood Inundation in the Devils Lake Area: A Remote Sensing Approach – Brentley W. Moats

The Use of Remotely Sensed Imagery and GIS Analysis for the Automated Detection of Water Infiltration in Residential Structures – Robert E. Roth

Spatial Analysis of Household Water Supply and Demand in a Distributed Geographic Network in the Towns of Amherst and Clarence, New York – Tao Tang and Gregory Keyser

Impacts of Land Use Changes on Runoff Generation in the East Branch of the Brandywine Creek Watershed using a GIS-based Hydrologic Model – Gary Coutu and Carmen Vega

Near Eastern Pollen Diagrams and “Deforestation” – Mark A. Blumler

Types and Causes of Beach Erosion Anomaly Areas in the U.S. East Coast Barrier Island System: Stabilized Tidal Inlets – Francis A. Galgano, Jr.

Three Approaches Along the Rio De La Plata: Landfill, Development, and Monumentalizing the Past – Margaret F. Boorstein

ISSN 1067-2230


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