Middle States Geographer Volume 24, 1991


Detecting Potato Fields in the Columbia Basin Using Landsat Multispectral Data – Paul R. Baumann

Synoptic Climatological Categorization and Human Mortality in Shanghai, China – Shouquan Cheng

The Frequency and Intensity of January hourly Precipitation by Synoptic Weather Types in Southern Louisiana – Gregory E. Faiers

Criteria in the Student Decision to Move off Campus: A paired Comparison Test of Group-Specific Preferences – Joseph Grippo, Jeff Rose, Jon Runckel, David Sliwa, and Darrell Norris

The Microeconomic Geography of Sportfishing: great Lakes Tributaries, New York, 1984 – Timothy D. McMurtry

Potential Air Quality Consequences of Atmospheric CO2 Induced Global Warming in Philadelphia, PA – Jane Feng Powley and Guanri Tan

The Railroads of Pennsylvania: A Geographic Interpretation – Charles W. Boas

Thinking Ahead: Can the United States Avoid a Shortage of Skilled Workers? – Peter Fairweather and George A. Schnell

Restructuring the Waterfront and the Geographical Practice of the International Longshoremen’s Association (Best Graduate Student Paper) – Andrew Herod

Reality Adjustment: Local Business Response to Market Realities – Kelly Knight and Jo Margaret Mano

The Optimal Location of Emergency Service Telephones in Central Park – David O’Connor

The Urban Aesthetic in Comparative Perspective – Rolf Sternberg

The Aftermath of the Cold War from Short-term Instability to Long-term Equilibrium – Saul B. Cohen

The Pact Molotov-Ribbentrop and Its Consequences – Demetrius Dvoichenko-Marko

Unscrambling the Muddle East: Crisis Influence on mental Maps of the Gulf Theater – Darrel A. Norris

The Application of GIS to Analysis of Historical Shoreline Changes of New York City – Yuri Gorokhovich

The Distance of Migration: Is It Shortened by Financial Constraints? – Mary M Graham

Early Chinese Immigrants and the United States Census – Lawrence A. McGlinn

Understanding Census Geography in the Tiger Data Base: the Case of Puerto Rico – Jonathan Sperling

Women and Ethnicity: Women and Class: Gender issues in the Turn-of-the-Century Shenandoah (Honorable Mention, Undergraduate Paper) – Michele R. Aurand

An Investigation into the Hierarchical processing of Spatial Information – Andrew Curtis

Crime and Media Reporting, Rochester, NY, 1988 (Best Undergraduate Student Paper) – Sheri Kleinhammer

The Application of Linear Programming to Locating Mental Health Outpatient Facilities – Phyllis A. Petersen

The Hispanic Presence in the US: Application of the Five Themes of Geography to Discussions of Stereotypes in the Foreign Language Classroom – Kurt Barnada

Geography, Pedagogy, and Postage Stamps – Samuel A. Farmerie

Children’s Understanding of the Environment from Navigation and Maps – Elizabeth Rider

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