Student Paper Competition
Graduate division: Ist prize, Adrienne Tucker (Penn State)
“Eastern Pacific Ship Tracks in Relation to Sea Surface Temperature Variations”
2nd prize, Erin Goodnough (Penn State)
“A Proposed Open Source Architecture for Collecting and Analyzing USAID Performance Indicator Data”
Undergraduate division: Ist prize Melissa Haller (Colgate)
“Socio-Economic Effects of Nuclear Decommissioning on Local Communities: a Case Study of Wiscasset, Maine

Poster Competition
Tied for Ist place, Carolynne Hundquist (Penn State)
Machine Learning for Post-fire Burn Severity Assessment in Diseased Forests”
Shenuque Tissera and Jennifer Freund (College of Staten Island)
“Differences in Male and Female Seasonality Patterns in the New York Citi Bike Program”

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