Middle States Geographer Volume 44, 2011


The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: Examining the Spatial Distribution of Federal Stimulus Funds – M. Katirai and J.L. Osgood Jr.

The Dynamic Hinterland of New York City: The Transition from Farming to Watershed Protection and Recreation in Delaware County, NY – Claire Jantz

Environmental and Economic Impacts of a Carbon Tax: An Application of the Long Island Markal Model – David Friedman, Yehuda Klein and Guodong Sun.

Football Discipline as a Barometer of Racism in English Sport and Society. 2004-2007 Spatial Dimensions – M.T. Sullivan, J. Strauss and D.S. Friedman

Assessing the Influence of Weather Type and Rural Land Cover on a Small Urban Heat Island – Timothy W. Hawkins and Olivia A. Braun.

Using a Bioblitz to Connect Species Richness and Environmental Characteristics in an Urban Watershed – John Dobosiewicz, Daniela Shebitz and Janet Tuohy

Patterns of Plan Species Richness in the Contiguous United States – Erika Y. Chin

Urban Revitalization and Neighborhood Dynamics in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 2006-2011 – Brandon Duxbury and Claire Jantz

Urban Food Access and the Potential of Community Gardens – Kristen B. Crossney and Emily Shellenberger

“It’s Hard to Balance it”: Cultural Identity Production Among Youth of the South Asian Diaspora in Metropolitan New York and Oslo – Kari B. Jensen.

Using Learning Communities as a Recruitment Strategy for an Undergraduate Geography Program – Wendy Miller, Ibipo Johnston-Anumonwo and Kathleen Lawrence.

ISSN 1067-2230

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