Middle States Geographer Volume 41, 2008


Socioeconomic Conditions on the Pennsylvania Frontier: the Germans and Scots-Irish of Cumberland County, 1765-1775 – Michael Ross and Paul Marr

Champions of GIS: Municipal Implementation and Organizational Diffusion of GIS in Pennsylvania Local Governments – Matthew Convery and Dorothy Ives Dewey

Determining Spatial Correlations between Voting Behavior and Selected Demographic Variables in a Changing Electorate – Justin Klos

“We Should Put Our Bears in the Hands of Experts”:Three Explanatory Cuts at an Uncritical Embrace of Scientific Authority – John Hintz

Evaluation of the Emergency Evacuation Plan for the Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant – Lindsey Conlow

Let Them Have Dominion Over All the Earth: Are Christians Anti-Environmental? – Jason Ridgeway

Political Possibilities of “Place-ing” People onto the Land: Re-imaging Community, Commons, and Nature in Maine’s North Woods – Marguerite Andrews

Habitat Mapping and Remote Sensing for Rare, Endangered, and Sensitive Species in the Hudson Valley, NY – David Jakim and Lawrence McGlinn

Using the Rate of Accumulated Freezing and Thawing Degree Days as a Surrogate for Determining Freezing Depth in a Temperate Forest Soil – Stephen Vermette and Shelia Christopher

Shoreline Behavior along the Atlantic Coast of Delaware – Francis Galgano Jr.

The Potential Influence of Small Dams on Basin Sediment Dynamics and Coastal Erosion in Connecticut – Megan McCusker and Melinda Daniels

Beach Morphology Change Study Using ArcGIS Spatial Analyst – G. Pepe and G. Coutu

ISSN 1067-2230




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