Middle States Geographer Volume 36, 2003


The Influence of Climate Variations on Visitor Activities in Pennsylvania’s State Parks – Keith G. Henderson

How Geography Graduates Report on their Careers: Some Results from Hunter College – Enid Lotstein Ringer

Hub of the World: U.S. Promotional Map Brochures in the Mid-Twentieth Century – Linda Greenow and Jo Margaret Mano

Muslims in Denmark: Discourse of the Veil – Linda S. Fair

Finnish Commercial Fishermen on Lake Superior: The Rise and Fall of an Ethnic Fishery – Mika Roinila

Micro-Credit as a Development Instrument in Ethiopia – Hewan Girma

Recreation Activity Space: University Students in Northeast Pennsylvania – Jason Kucsan and Jerry T. Mitchell

The Geography of Warehousing and Distribution in South-Central Pennsylvania – Paul Marr

Perceptions Towards Urban Inequality in Selected Counties of Northern New Jersey – Pin-Shuo Liu and Monica Nyamwange

“Operation Atlas”: A Case in the Growing Fusion Between National Security and Local Law Enforcement – R. Valeria Treves

International Perspectives on Community Youth Planning: A Research Agenda for Comparing Somerset County, New Jersey and Somerset County, England – Sean M. DiGiovanna and Michael Leyshon

Non-Conforming Urban Realities: The Case of Albany – Vatsal Bhatt

Combining Supervised Classification and Airphoto Interpretation of High Spatial Resolution Satellite Imagery for Land Use Analysis – Tao Tang

Use of Texture for the Retrieval of Industrial Complexes in a Digital Image Database – Mary F. Perrelli

Mereotopological Integrity Constraints for Spatial Databases – Alexandre Sorokine

Crossing Disciplinary Boundaries: Comparing 19th Century Water-Borne Disease to Contemporary Environmental Policy – Lawrence A. McGlinn

The Latest FAD in New York City’s Drinking Water Supply – E. Mark Pires

Characterizing the Land Use/Land Cover Conditions of Two New Jersey Watersheds – John Hasse, Jennifer Misner, and John Reiser

Landscape Influences on White-Tailed Deer Harvest in New Jersey – C.R. Colvard, D. Drake, and R.G. Lathrop

Physiography and Insect Fauna of Scoby Dam Cave: Western New York – S.J. Vermette, W.K. Gail, T.J. Fay

The Influence of Climate Variations on Visitor Activities in Pennsylvania’s State Parks – Keith G. Henderson

New Theories to Explain Acid Precipitation in Northern New Jersey – Belkys V. Melendez

ISSN 1067-2230


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