Middle States Geographer Volume 31, 1998


Spatial Variability in Stability Thresholds, Verde River, Arizona – Patricia J. Beyer

Field Testing of Rock Hardness and its Relationship to Limestone Dissolution in Guilin, Southern China – Tao Tang

A Search for Economic Alternatives: Hops in Franklin County, New York During the Nineteenth Century – Thomas A. Rumney

The Farmer Takes a Wife, the Wife Takes the Farm – Barbara S. Hildebrant

Farming under a Regime of Harder Work: Ecological Maintenance and Degradation in the Ormanysag, SW Hungary – Salvatore Engel-Di Mauro

Tourism Issues in Belize – James Wiley

Exclusionary Discourse in New York City and Cape Town, South Africa – Grant Saff

City Policy and Urban Renewal: A Case Study of Fort Greene, Brooklyn – Winifred Curran

Foreign Direct Investment in Poland: Sub-National Distribution and Location Factors, 1989-1997 – Joel I. Deichmann

The Intermetropolitan Location and Growth of the Institutional Investment Advisory Industry in the United States, 1983-1996 – John E. Bodenman

Economics of Scale and International Exports of SIC 35 from US Metropolitan Areas – James P. Lewandowski

From Capital of the New-World to New World-Capital: Pre-1930s Globalism in New York City – Jason Hackworth

The Problematic Nature of Neighborhoods as Urban Social Spaces – Jonathan Gibs

The Challenge of Maintaining Parity for Offshore Islands –  Ian Watson

Effects of Technological Change on Seafarers in U.S. Merchant Shipping – James M. Kendra

Arab Net: An Evolving Window on the Arabic World – Jennifer A. Paluch

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