Middle States Geographer Volume 30, 1997


Industria, the Fourth World, and the Question of Territory – William T.L. Hipwell

GIS and Society: Towards a Behavioral GIS – Jay D. Gatrell

An Approach to the Quantification and Classification of Aquatic Landscapes – Laura Kracker.

An Erosional History of Strawberry Island, Niagara River, Tonawanda, New York – Maryellen Sault, Lisa Matthies, John Whitney, and Jill Singer.

A Spatial Analysis of Storm Caused Water Levels in an Urban Estuary, Raritan Bay, New Jersey: Some Preliminary Observations – John F. Dobosiewicz.

Philadelphia’s Wissahickon Valley: Its Geology and Geography – Colleen Gasiorowski.

Contingent Value Measurement of Coastal Wetlands: A Case Study of New Jersey – Harbans Singh.

Benefit-Cost Analysis of Harbor Dredging on the Great Lakes – Raymond W. Waxmonsky.

Great Lakes Shipping-Pricing Behavior of the Modes – Chrisman A. Dager.

Local Entrepreneurs Contributions to the Economic Base: Hardwood Processors in the Northern and Central Appalachian Region – John E. Bodenman, Stephen M. Smith, and Kathlene Myers.

Regional Labor Force Characteristics and Recent Shifts in the Location of Industry – Mark Wiljanen.

A Geographic Analysis of Secondary Educational Distance Education Networks in Central New York State – Wayne C. Mellor.

Risk and Foreign Direct Investment in Emerging Economies: Lessons from the Former Soviet Union – James P. Lewandowski

Outcomes of Microcredit Programs: Sustainability, Social Development, Economic Development, and Food Security – Beth Anslinger.

Mapping the County: Burr’s New York State Atlas – Jo Margaret Mano.

The Two-Flat Home in Buffalo, NY: Landscapes of the Industrial Vernacular – Gregory P. Stein.

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