Middle States Geographer Volume 29, 1996


Reapers of Land: Keepers of Culture – Beth Rundstrom.

The Social Correlates to Fear of Violence: A Referendum on Gun Control in Maryland – Robert J. Earickson.

The Relationship between Municipal Bond Ratings and the Quality of Life in American Cities, 1970-1990 – John E. Bodenman.

Diversity Profile of New York City, 1990 – Brian Shumon.

The “Dotbuster” Attacks: Hate Crime Against Asian Indians in Jersey City, New Jersey – Elizabeth Gutierrez.

Dominica at the Crossroads: Tourism within Diversification in the Eastern Caribbean – James Wiley.

Sources of U.S. Regions’ Manufactures Export Performance – James P. Lewandowski.

Apples and Oranges? A Cross-National Comparison of Privatization in Argentina and Germany – Edward L. Jackiewicz and Jeffrey S. Boggs.

The Post-Fordist Politics of Sustainability on Long Island – Scott Carlin.

Balls, Bikes, Beaches, and Burns: Patterns of Childhood Injury – Dona Schneider.

An Historical Sketch of Industry Along the Buffalo River, New York with a Focus on Chemical Manufacturers – Mary C. Rossi.

Application of the National Sanitation Foundation Water Quality Index in the Cazenovia Creek, NY, Pilot Watershed Management Project – Martin Wills and Kim N. Irvine.

Methodology and Application of a Statistical Approach to the Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE): Welland River Case Study – Shannon L. Vickers, Kim N. Irvine, and Ian G. Droppo.

Starting Points for Examining Storm Surge Sedimentation in Urbanized Estuaries – Michael Craghan.

Simulating the Influence of Great Plains Snow Cover on the Thermal Characteristics of a Cold Air Mall – Andrew W. Ellis.

The Use of Satellite Derived Meteorological Data in Water Budget Analyses – Michael J. Brewer and Jay W. Hodny.

Deer Browse in the Interior Forest of Warwick County Park – Jacquelyn Arnold and Joan M. Welch.

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