Middle States Geographer Volume 26, 1993


Classification of Upper Level Circulation Patterns in the Polar Region and Their Relationship to Surface Air Temperature – Hengchun Ye, Daniel J. Leathers, and Laurence S. Kalkstein

Laboratory Scale Investigations in Artificial Armoring as a Remediation Measure for Contaminated Riverbed Sediment – Dennis M. Torok, K.N. Irvine, and J.K. Singer

Environmental Siege and Sustainability Lessons from the Maltese Islands – Roger Balm

Preparedness for Redevelopment: An Inventory of Infrastructure in the Mid-Hudson Region – George A. Schnell and Peter Fairweather

Class and Place in the New World Order: International Labor Solidarity – Rebecca A. Johns

Historic Water and Waterfront Use in the Buffalo, New York, River Watershed – Gregory P. Stein

The Iroquois and New York State: Two Centuries of Broken Treaties and Map Lies – Jo Margaret Mano

Health Care Objectives for Children and Adolescents: Differences in Urban, Suburban and Rural Practices – Dona Schneider

Demographic and Spatial Aspects of the Health Care Delivery System in Malawi – Ezekiel Kalipeni

The Availability of Ambulance Services in Madison County, NY – Peter Klepeis

Thoughts by the Way: Women’s Written Perceptions of the American Frontier Landscape – Kimi Eisele

Sexism in Tokyo’s New Public Art: Preliminary Results from Field Research – Aoi Shimizu

Contemporary Asian Cultural Landscapes: A Comparative Perspective – Darrell A. Norris

Defining Poor Neighborhoods: Research Strategies and Our Understanding of Urban Places – Sue A. Remaley

A Tale of Two Towns: Paoli and Merion, Pennsylvania – Steve S. Aichele

Lower Northwestern Philadelphia: An Historical Retrospective – Kang-Hu Hsu

Tokyo Moves Westward: A Geography of New Landmarks and New Symbols of the City – Roman Cybriwsky

A Tale of Two ‘Little Saigons’: Southeast Asian Economic Development in Chicago and Philadelphia – Mark Pfeifer

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