Middle States Geographer Volume 25, 1992


A GIS for New Jersey State Plan Growth Scenario Analysis – Garret C. Olin

A Potential Application of GIS to the Sardar Sarovar Dam Project – Rupal Oza

An Application of GIS to Study Migration – Robert N. Martin

Direcitional Expansion in Migration Modelling – Timothy C. Pitts

Computerized School Bus Routing – Douglas Hamlin and Andrea Rutherford

Reconstructions of the Southern Oscillation and Pacific Sea Surface Temperature from Dryness/Wetness in China for the Last 500 Years – Jie Song

Snow Melt, Energy Balance, and Prediction: Mormon Mountain – Bruce L. Gwilliam

Swampland or Dryland: The Effect of Climate Change on the Lake Levels of the Etonia Creek Water Basin, Florida – Robert P. Morris, Jr.

An Evaluation of Pollution Concentrations in Philadelphia Using an Automated Synoptic Approach – Shouquan Cheng, Hengchun Ye, and Laurence S. Kalstein

A Review of Existing Toxics Release Data for Years 1987-1990 – Neeti Bathala

Shaky Grounds: Recent Legal Decisions and Wetlands Regulation in New York State – Jo Margaret Mano

The David and Goliath Syndrome: Introducing Big Business into the Small Town – Christine Neibler, Daniel Krist, and Jennifer Passifione

The State, Transitionals, and the Development of the International Tourism in Small Island Nations – Dimitri Ioannides

Changes in the United States Foreign Direct Investment Position Under the Free Trade Agreement in Canada – Valerie L. Hartung

U.S. Commercial Navigation on the Great Lakes: An Overview – Raymond W. Waxmonsky

Factors Affecting the Location and Operation of Hardwood Manufacturers: Northern and Central Appalachian States (Graduate Award Paper) – John E. Bodenman

Rural Population Change and Agriculture in New York State 1950-1990 – George A. Schnell and Peter Fairweather

National Park Siting and Human Geography – Margaret Boorstein

Parent-Child Separation in Space: A Socio-Geographic Perspective – Richard H. Weng

The Cultural and Historical Environment of the Recent Chinese Fertility Decline – H. Michael Feng

Poverty’s Influence on Weather-Related Mortality – Karen E. Smoyer

War and Famine in the Horn of Africa: A Human Impact Assessment – Raphael L. Djabatey

Determinants of Infant Mortality in Malawi: A Spatial Perspective – Ezekiel Kalipeni

Rebuilding the Great White Way: Urban Renewal in New York City – Sean Lewis

Anthropogenic Modification of the Physical Environment Associated with Urban Land Use Conversion – Joshua D. Curley and Roy Lougeay

The City in Decline: Rome in Late Antiquity – Kevin Twine

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